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    Dining the Palmas Way

    July 20, 2017

    When searching for your perfect tropical escape, making sure there is good food in the area is always important. Whether you are searching for your perfect second home in Puerto Rico or just looking to get away, here is a guide to help you find the best places to dine during your stay at Harbour Lakes Resort.

    Beach Bohio
    If you’re in Palmas del Mar, it’s most likely because you love the beach. And every beachgoer needs to have a casual beach bar to enjoy delicious refreshments with good vibes and a great view. Beach Bohio is the place to imbibe in tasty local favorites, like crunchy fried fish, fresh octopus salad and delicious coconut arepas. Or stick to the basics, and try a juicy burger, chicken nuggets or one of a variety of sandwiches. Cool down with a frozen margarita, piña colada or another island-style libation. You might even be entertained with live music. Reggae, anyone? But no matter what you eat or drink or what entertainment is available, the true draw is the spectacular view of the ocean.


    Blue Hawaii
    If you are craving Asian cuisine, Blue Hawaii is the place for dinner. This multi-Asian restaurant features a crave-worthy menu featuring Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese specialties. So you can enjoy a steaming bowl of pho, some cool, fresh sushi and any of your favorite traditional Chinese entrées.

    Café de la Plaza
    Most people enjoy Italian food, and when you’re on the east coast of Puerto Rico, this is the place to get it. You can try specialties from all parts of Italy, including Rome, Sicily and Tuscany. The team is dedicated to freshness, with a farm-to-table experience, as they grow many of the ingredients on their farm in Yabucoa. Be sure to try their delicious pasta dishes with scrumptious homemade sauces, rich risottos, crispy calamari and a variety of traditional meat and fish dishes done to perfection.

    C Bar Kitchen in Style
    When you crave a sophisticated atmosphere and trendy fusion fare that is as delicious as it is attractive, C Bar is the place to go. This stylish bar and grill offers the best steaks, fresh fish and a diverse menu with an international are. You’ll also find creative craft cocktails and, some nights, musical entertainment. At C Bar, you can count on great food, attentive service and an enjoyable meal. Even the most sophisticated foodies rave about C Bar.

    Chez Daniel
    There’s no place more perfect for nurturing your romance than Chez Daniel. Located in Anchor’s Village Marina, you can gaze out the window at the glistening water, with the elegant yachts bobbing up and down, or choose to dine on a private terrace. What’s inside is pretty spectacular as well. Sample French dishes that taste as if you are dining on a cosmopolitan Paris street. On the menu, you will find delicious French specialties, such as garlicky escargot, rich bouillabaisse, savory onion soup and a light-as-air soufflé. Considered one of Puerto Rico’s best French restaurants, Chez Daniel is known for having an outstanding brunch as well.

    View of a meal in sea shore restaurant with sea in a background.

    La Pescadaria
    Whether you are looking for an elegant indoor dining experience or a more casual outdoor setting, La Pescadaria is the perfect choice. Guests can enjoy oceanfront dining on casual favorites, including delicious grilled or fried fish, wraps, burgers, salads, fresh fish tacos and more on the restaurant’s deck overlooking the water. Or head inside for a more upscale, gourmet menu. Popular favorites on the inside menu include grilled lobster, ceviche, goat cheese risotto and an Asian grilled tuna steak. Cool off with refreshing, tropical cocktails, like a minty mojito, a fruity sangria or a creamy painkiller. With so much to offer, it’s no surprise this is a popular local hangout.

    Dining at these amazing restaurants will be sure to make your tropical vacation or new vacation home in Puerto Rico feel like you have truly immersed yourself in the Puerto Rican Culture and gotten a taste of what is to truly dine the Palmas way.

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