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    Beach fire

    Experience the Vibrant Culture of Puerto Rico Through Your Senses

    June 22, 2017

    The Island of Enchantment…what elements fuse to make it so? How about joyful Latin sounds curling down an alley in Old San Juan to draw you nearer; the way a salsa rhythm gets you out of your chair and swaying; the cafécitos from the coffee house that soon becomes your favorite…

    Beneath an arch in an old Spanish town, cooled by its stones, you’re caught up between time lost and time found…

    The scent of bay rum trees in the botanical gardens; the ylang ylang flowers in El Yunque…

    The open markets, the street food, the street art, the “serious” art…the beaches, the food, the people. Especially the people…

    If you’re searching for cultural things to do in Puerto Rico, it all starts with the people — the artists, chefs, baristas, musicians, small business owners, hotel concierges, locals, all — fire the spirit of Puerto Rico. Seeing the culture of Puerto Rico in color could start simply with the bright twist of limón in your Bacardi Daiquiri. Shaken.

    Caribbean cuisine


    San Juan’s old neighborhoods are moving to the very cusp of cool. In Santurce, the colors of street art drift onto its restaurant tables. Spicy reds. Cool greens. From yellowtail snapper to caramel flan, the chef’s flair creates a palette to please a palate.

    Salsa dancing


    There are those who say that the sizzling sounds of salsa at San Juan’s Nuyorican Café sprinkle the mind with kaleidoscopes of color and Puerto Rican heritage. Be wary or welcoming as you wish.



    By evening, the Old Town bar scene spills onto the street in a swash of color. Inspired by the rain forest birds of El Yunque? Clearly. Caught up in the spirit of Puerto Rico, one’s fashion choices change.

    El Yunque


    El Yunque National Forest’s 29,000 acres of lush mountain terrain are pierced by shimmering white waterfalls and the pink flash of tree-clinging bromeliads.

    Bioluminescent Bay


    Mosquito Bay in Vieques. On a moonless night in the company of a good guide, you immerse yourself in waters filled with microorganisms. Paddle lightly to stir up their tiny neon lights. Hold still in wonder.

    Ocean snorkeling


    Water in every shade of blue nuzzles the white sand beaches wrapping Puerto Rico’s coasts. Surf at Rincon, snorkel on Culebra’s Flamenco Beach. Just to start.

    Ponce architecture


    “Ponce is Ponce,” said Abelardo Díaz Alfaro, speaking fondly of his hometown. A city that finds no reason to compete with San Juan, it says simply, come visit the south coast. When you get here, you’ll know why.

    The outstanding location of our Caribbean beach resort serves as the perfect home base for cultural exploration. Surrounded and inspired by the Island’s wealth of natural beauty, culture, and history Harbour Lakes is a magical place to wake up each morning and to come home to every evening. If you are considering purchasing or renting a home in a warm and sunny destination, give Puerto Rico a look. You just might be surprised that you’ve fallen in love with this very special place.

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