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    Humacao and Harbour Lakes after Hurricane Maria

    October 14, 2017

    Our beautiful residence of Harbour Lakes, Palmas del Mar, and the entire island of Puerto Rico, was directly impacted by the powerful Hurricane Maria. Hurricane relief efforts have been incredibly helpful, but the people of Puerto Rico are still in need of more assistance. Palmas Del Mar, an area right outside of San Juan, where many people go to relax and enjoy tropical island life and where Harbour Lakes is located, has always been distinguished for its incredible blue water beaches, lush tropical landscape and exquisite state-of-the-art outdoor amenities. However, after the impact of Hurricane Maria, much of the island quickly transformed. The tightly-knit community of Humacao has been working hard to restore Puerto Rico and the rich spirit of its people back to its irreplaceable natural charm. Residents, volunteers, and companies (such as Google and Tesla) have been working to recover the island; transforming its infrastructure, rebuilding its architecture, and rehabilitating the island back to a tropical paradise.

    The people of Puerto Rico have come together to be stronger than ever. More than 100 properties have reopened, and alongside nonprofit organizations like The Salvation Army, food and shelter have been offered throughout the town of Humacao.

    While most of the island experienced catastrophic damages, we are fortunate to announce that Harbour Lakes at Palmas Del Mar sustained only minimal property damages, most of which was to landscaping. The rehabilitation plan is well underway and we are utilizing this time as an opportunity to make enhancements to the homes and communal areas. With the help of our residents, employees, and the amazing Harbour Lakes community, the famed Palmas del Mar marina is more beautiful than ever and our team at Harbour Lakes is eager to welcome you to our piece of paradise.

    The people – the artists, chefs, baristas, musicians, small business owners, tour owners, locals, all – who fire the spirit of Puerto Rico invite you to be part of our island’s comeback while still experiencing the charm Puerto Rico has to offer.

    You are invited!
    Harbour Lakes Open House

    Saturday, February 22
    Sunday, February 23
    10:00 am – 5:00 pm

    Visit the beautiful model homes, meet our representatives waiting to
    welcome you and get the opportunity to test drive your future car.


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