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    Palmas Del Mar Homes For Sale

    Live in Puerto Rico: The Affordable Everyday Vacation

    April 13, 2017

    Entice all your senses in one place as you take in the fresh ocean air, and feel the warmth on your face as you bask in the sun’s rays while it performs a shimmering dance against the crystal blue waters. Listen to the melodic tune of tropical birds singing as the waves roll in off the ocean, then indulge in some of the best flavors an Island can offer… Welcome to Puerto Rico! Does this sound like a dream come true? Well, believe it or not, this is a reality for many people just like you and it can become your reality too!

    Whether you are retired and looking for a change of scenery, a young family seeking adventure, or an entrepreneur looking for business opportunities, Puerto Rico is the place for you. There are many benefits to living in Puerto Rico. While you might picture exotic images of its tropical landscapes, this Island is also a Territory of the United States, which means it’s residents are all U.S. citizens and the currency is the U.S. dollar, making it all the more easy to move to paradise.

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    One of the best benefits of living in Puerto Rico are the tax breaks for the residents of this Island. Puerto Rico Act 20 and 22 allows for 100% tax exemption on all dividends and interests, 100% tax exemption on all capital gains, a 4% corporate tax rate, and 100% exemption from paying property taxes. But the benefits don’t stop there. Your backyard is a tropical paradise where adventure awaits you, whether you are a family with young children or empty nesters, there are plenty of Island activities to explore. Visit the equestrian center at Hacienda Candelario, scuba dive or snorkel along the white sandy beaches, or golf at the most prestigious golf course in Puerto Rico. Looking for a more laid-back experience, try sailing along the pristine coast of the Island, relaxing in the sun on one of many beautiful Caribbean beaches or simply eat and drink your way through the many amazing restaurants featuring flavorful and colorful Puerto Rican cuisine that will leave you both satisfied and hungry for more.

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    If all that’s left to wonder is how you could make such a transition possible, then let us make it even easier. At Harbour Lakes Palmas del Mar, everything is right in one place. This resort community in Puerto Rico offers lavish, yet affordable Villas and Penthouses, which can even come fully furnished. The grounds are made up of 46 gated acres with several pools (including kid-friendly amenities), a tennis and fitness center, two championship golf courses and much more.

    To jump-start your move to Puerto Rico or to plan a visit, contact us today!

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