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    Palmas del Mar Community Comes Together

    October 28, 2017

    Palmas del Mar is a close-knit 2,700 acre gated resort community within the town of Humacao, known for its incredible blue beaches, lush golf courses, tennis courts, beautiful clubs, and friendly community. Within Palmas del Mar, there are many smaller communities, including Harbour Lakes; our beautiful 46-acre resort. From our Caribbean villas to our penthouses, our residents enjoy a comfortable Caribbean vacation lifestyle year-round.

    Recently, however, after the destruction of Hurricane Maria, several families have been left with little resources and resulting emotional distress.

    Throughout the past few months, we have seen our tight-knit Palmas Del Mar community come together, and provide both emotional and physical support to one another. United States aid to Puerto Rico has steadily provided a tremendous amount of support, yet it is the island’s residents coming together that has made our community stronger than ever.

    Our amazing residents of Palmas del Mar have selflessly taken it upon themselves to cook each other meals, putting their family, friends and neighbors ahead of themselves. All of the Puerto Rican recovery efforts have provided amazing support to our beautiful island, and the strong-willed community of Palmas del Mar has united and shown incredible resilience during this difficult time.

    Image source: Municipio Autónomo de Humacao

    Throughout the island, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and like-minded individuals have provided incredible support, including a group of young professionals, who quickly banded together to provide relief to as many friends, neighbors and strangers as they possibly could. “There is a group of us starting to get together and brainstorm all the different things that we can do to try and help. Everybody has their own skillsets down here and we’re trying to bring them together. We have the opportunity to make a difference.”

    Today, our resilient community is steadily being rebuilt; restaurants and businesses are reopening, water supply is restored, athletic clubs are up and running, and more. What happened in Puerto Rico was devastating, but we are and strong community and we are seeing immense improvements in both our beautiful island’s resources and our tight-knit Palmas del Mar community, each and every day that passes.

    You can find recent updates on Palmas del Mar, Humacao, on their Facebook page here.

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