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    Salvation Army Hurricane Relief Efforts

    October 08, 2017

    The Salvation Army, a renowned charitable organization, was quick to help our beautiful island of Puerto Rico in its relief efforts after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, and guide us toward a path of recovery.

    Shortly after Hurricane Maria hit the island, the amazing organization set up 16 fixed kitchens and 9 mobile sites to serve the island’s residents, through FEMA’s request.

    On average, The Salvation Army has delivered an incredible 16,000 meals a day to our town of Humacao, as well as San Juan, Fajardo and many more. Besides food, the organization has provided much needed hurricane relief for Puerto Rico residents with the essential supplies, guidance and emotional support through this disastrous event.

    image source:
    image source:

    Cruz, a pastor born and raised in Arecibo, and an associate corps officer in the Capital Region Salvation Army Corps, plans her two week trip to help provide physical aid and spiritual comfort to the people of Puerto Rico. “We want to help individuals 100 percent” she said. “We want to know that they’re in peace, that they’re good, that they can vent their problems.”

    The Salvation Army is always looking for donations and support, assisting them with Hurricane Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico. It’s never too late to help, and no donation is too small, and as The Salvation Army stated, “We won’t stop when the flooding stops. We’ll remain until the healing is complete, until all this devastation is but a memory. In a battle between disaster and hope, hope always wins. And having an army doesn’t hurt.” 

    image source: FEMA News Photo
    image source: FEMA News Photo

    To date, The Salvation Army has served over a third of the Puerto Rico population, and will continue its efforts in helping the island get back on its feet – however long it may take.

    The best way to help the island recover is by making a financial donation here:

    Harbour Lakes is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring the 4th Annual Salvation Army Golf Classic in the upcoming Spring 2018. By participating, you can help the organization provide support to those in need and with future relief efforts.

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