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    A Surprising Caribbean Alternative to Florida Retirement Rentals

    May 11, 2017

    When the time comes to put away the snow shovel once and for all, Florida may seem like the obvious choice for many Baby Boomers seeking a warmer locale. Although many seek a rental community option in the ‘sunshine state’, a new alternative is attracting savvy homebuyers to the Caribbean. With home prices in Florida reaching a point where it is no longer affordable to live a resort lifestyle, Puerto Rico is quickly becoming the newest hot spot for affordable retirement.

    This US territory is the ideal island address for anyone ready to take advantage of year-round balmy breezes and tropical flora and fauna. Home to stunning topography and picturesque landscapes, Puerto Rico’s appeal goes far beyond pristine beaches, untouched rainforests, and majestic caves. Many are now discovering that it’s the perfect Caribbean retirement destination.

    Palmas del Mar is a popular resort community along Puerto Rico’s southeastern coast. The master planned community brings together an unmatched lifestyle with golf, tennis, a world-class marina, restaurants, casino and so much more. Serving as a destination for both vacation home rentals and full-time residents, Harbour Lakes at Palmas del Mar represents an unprecedented real estate value in one of the most sought-after locations in the Caribbean.

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    A well-designed collection of 3-bedroom, 3-bath luxury villas are move-in ready and remarkably priced from the mid $200s. With 3-bedrooom homes in Florida in a comparable resort community selling at prices in excess of $600,000, Harbour Lakes is offering an alternative at less than half the price and well below the cost of new construction nearly anywhere on the US mainland.

    Puerto Rico currently enjoys a multitude of favorable U.S. tax status benefits including its Act 20/22 initiative. Residents of Puerto Rico have no capital gains tax, no transfer tax, no income tax and no annual real estate tax. Qualified homebuyers at Harbour Lakes may take advantage of these unique circumstances, resulting in a U.S. federal income tax of only 4% for those who spend more than half the year in Puerto Rico. With Harbour Lakes’ compelling pricing and a wealth of tax incentives in place, there is no better time to purchase your dream Caribbean retreat.

    Despite being surrounded by the aquamarine waters of the Caribbean, traveling to Puerto Rico is equally as easy as traveling within the continental United States. As a territory of the U.S., passports are not required for travel, making it just as easy for your family and friends to visit often. As the gateway to the Caribbean, Puerto Rico boasts numerous affordable, direct flights from major airports around the globe.

    For those who might be wondering about the expense of living in a resort community offshore, Harbour Lakes’ cost of ownership will be a welcome surprise. Many costs are lower than Florida rental properties and if you’re not planning to live in Puerto Rico full-time, Harbour Lakes’ on-site rental management program will provide an excellent resource for rental income to offset your expenses. The rental management company takes care of the details and maintenance, while you enjoy the vacation home you never thought you could afford.

    Happy Senior Couple Sailing Yacht or Sail Boat

    Immersed in 4-star luxury, you’ll be free to spend your time enjoying Palmas del Mar’s endless seaside golf, private beach club, 20 tennis courts and a deep-water marina just steps away. The allure of living at Harbour Lakes Palmas del Mar is hard to ignore. Now is the time to make your move to take advantage of this timely opportunity. Owning a home in Puerto Rico has never been this easy, and it may never be again.

    To learn more about Harbour Lakes current pricing and availability, call (787)-418-3471. CLICK HERE to request your copy of Harbour Lakes’ Homebuyer’s Guide with all the details about owning property in Puerto Rico.

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