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    Through the Eyes of a Local

    August 14, 2017

    Phil and I often work 60-hour weeks. Between client dinners and the kids’ busy schedules, it seems we barely have time to eat together, much less spend quality family time. Then we took a family vacation to Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico, and that changed everything.

    After that first trip, we knew we had found our dream vacation home in Puerto Rico. Now we come down whenever we can, even if it’s just for a three-day weekend. Getting here is easy. We fly direct to San Juan and then drive just 45 minutes to our villa. I start to decompress as soon as our plane touches down.

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    Harbour Lakes has everything we need—beautiful views, multiple swimming pools, and we can take the golf cart wherever we need to go. Our Caribbean villa is perfect. The open door plan and outdoor living areas give us plenty space to spread out. The three bedrooms are constantly in use. We’ve enjoyed couples’ trips, the grandparents have come down and, of course, the kids — our grown children and those still at home — love Puerto Rico. The boys never miss an opportunity to play tennis (In between diving and fishing, that is), and we’re even looking at buying a boat. Harbour Lakes is right next door to the Palmas del Mar Yacht Club and Marina, which has stunning facilities. Our daughter and her fiancé will be holding their wedding reception there next year.

    Our whole family loves hanging out at the Palmas del Mar beach club and snorkeling in the crystal clear waters. My dad and our future son- in-law both love to golf, and they usually can’t wait to get on greens when they visit. In the evenings, if we’re not grilling out on our rooftop terrace, we’re sampling one of the fantastic local restaurants located just minutes from our villa. For an authentic Puerto Rican meal, we sometimes travel into Old San Juan, where we enjoy walking along the cobblestone streets and taking in the historic architecture and local avor. Of course, San Juan also has a vibrant nightlife with numerous casinos but a lot closer to home — and just as much fun — is the casino in Palmas del Mar, where you’ll find Phil at the craps table.


    During our numerous trips to Harbour Lakes, we’ve discovered many of Puerto Rico’s treasures such as the rain forest and the out-islands. Every time we come down, we try at least one new activity, on land or sea, before shifting into low gear by the pool or on the beach.

    Now, I just need to figure out when we can make Harbour Lakes our permanent residence!

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    Saturday, February 22
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