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    Where You Can Donate to Help Hurricane Maria Victims

    October 20, 2017

    Puerto Rico is currently facing a long road to recovery. Over a month after the destruction of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and the island still suffers from a lack of essential supplies. Organizations and charities have provided a vast amount of aid and hurricane relief to the island, but are still looking for help bringing food, water, shelter and emotional support to the island’s victims.

    In order to help our neighbors and provide aid to the community, the ownership of Harbour Lakes has donated to various Puerto Rico relief efforts. Including, the ‘Amor por los Nuestros, Adopta Una Egida’, an initiative created by First Lady, Beatriz Rosselló and a private sector group who joined forces to help those who lost their homes or belongings during Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

    How You Can Help
    The most helpful way to provide assistance to the island is by providing cash donations, rather than sending supplies. Below are some trusted organizations taking cash donations:

    Unidos por Puerto Rico

    United for Puerto Rico
    United for Puerto Rico is an initiative brought together by the First Lady of Puerto Rico in order to provide aid and support to those affected by Hurricane Irma and Maria. 100% of your proceeds will go to helping the affected victims.

    UNICEF has been shipping emergency relief kits and fresh drinking water to families across the island. 90% of your donations go directly to helping the children of Puerto Rico and getting them immediate support and supplies.

    Alejandro Granadillo/Americares

    For every $10 you donate, Americares, a nonprofit disaster relief organization, provides $200 in aid to Puerto Rico, including emergency medicine, supplies and medical outreach.

    International Medical Corps
    By donating to International Medical Corps, you’ll be helping the organization’s emergency response teams provide emergency medical care to the island. Puerto Rico survivors will receive access to clean water, prevention from water-borne disease and lifesaving care.

    In addition to these organizations, there is a GoFundMe hub featuring dozens of campaigns for Hurricane Maria relief, including some for specific families seeking help.

    Please continue to help Puerto Rico by spreading the word about ways to provide relief to the island to friends and family.  

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